The Wildlife Society

Mississippi State University The Wildlife Society

MSU Student Chapter of TWS

Don't miss this opportunity to show your colleagues all the cool places you've been, what you've done, and your great photographs.

Winning photographs will be used in a MSU Wildlife Society Calendar.


  • Flora
  • Mammals
  • Birds
  • Other (Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, and Inverts)


  • Entrant must be an MSU affiliate to submit a photo.
  • All entries must be received by the due date and time and include a 1) Photo Contest Entry Form, 2) entry fee, 3) printed photo and 4) e-mailed digital file.

Basic Directions(see below for details):

  1. Fill out Photo Contest Entry Form for all photographs
  2. Email your full resolution photo (300 dpi) with your name, phone number, and each photo’s category.
  3. Turn in a completed entry form, entry fee, and print(s) by 5:00 p.m. on October 13, 2015 to Miss Angela Hill (Thompson Hall Annex a201) or Dr. Leslie Burger (259 Thompson Hall). You can also turn in your entry to any officer. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECIEVED BY the due date and time

Entry fee

  • $5.00 for non-members, $3.00 for paid dues members per photo
    • If five or more entries are submitted, fees reduce to $4/$2 per photo.
    • Please make checks payable to MSU Student Wildlife Society

Photograph Rights

  • Entrant must have all rights to its/their distribution and use of photo(s).
  • Copyright will remain with photographer
  • By submitting your photo(s), you agree to allow MSU TWS to publish the image(s) in future TWS print and online materials unless otherwise specified (see Photo Entry Form).
  • MSU TWS cannot guarantee the security of your photo(s)


  • All submitted photographs should be at least 5” X 7”.
  • Mounting pictures is recommended but not necessary.
  • Please label the back of each picture or mount with the following information
    1. Category
    2. Photographer’s Name, Phone Number, and E-mail


  • All photographs will be judged by MSU TWS paid members during the October 13th meeting at 5:30

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