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A College Student Guide to The Wildlife Society

The field of wildlife ecology includes professionals from many fields: administrators, biologists, conservation officers, educators, land managers, and researchers. These professionals are employed by governmental agencies (state or federal), private agencies (farms, small businesses, corporations or non-profit organizations) or self-employed (consultants or private contractors). As a student, one of the best ways to define your niche in this challenging, dynamic profession is to belong to a student chapter of The Wildlife Society. Student chapters help you cultivate academic, social and career interests.

As a member of our student chapter, you will associate with faculty and other wildlife professionals, as well as fellow wildlife students. Through meetings, special projects and other functions, you will become familiar with wildlife management techniques; become aware of local, national, and international natural resources issues; and gain valuable experience and friendships that will serve you well as a wildlife professional. The people you meet through student chapter activities can provide you with information on career prospects, and you will be able to participate in volunteer work activities that you can add to your resumé. Your student chapter can be the window to your vocational future as a wildlife professional.

What Does The Wildlife Society Mean to You?

As a member of our Student Chapter you will be provided an opportunity to sharpen your communication skills, learn to work as part of a team, and make contact with people who may one day hire you to work for them. You will be provided with opportunities to gain hands-on experience about topics which are introduced to you in class. Additionally, you will be introduced to regional, national, and international topics which broaden your horizons beyond the scale of Mississippi. Included in the people will meet are graduate students and wildlife agency personnel, who often turn to student chapters when seeking volunteers to assist in research projects.

Membership in MSU-TWS is open to all students, regardless of major. Dues are $20.00 per year or $15.00 per semester.

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